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Focus (part 1)

Focusing is perhaps the most important and the most difficult mental strategy to master.   Athletes are often told, “ JUST FOCUS,” but    HOW do you do this? Focusing is the ability to concentrate and perform in the moment irrespective of distractions.  It is NOT about thinking about what happened in the past (last game or last shift), nor is it about thinking about the future (the next period or the end of the...

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Focus (part 2)

“Consistent performance is the product of consistent focus” (Terry Orlick) One of the best ways to improve focus is to think back and reflect on your successful and not so successful past performances. Reliving these scenarios (what you did before, during and after) will help pinpoint what you were or were not focusing on.  You need to understand what makes you “tick.” REFLECTING ON PAST PERFORMANCES - Questions to ask yourself: BEFORE What...

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Eating - What, when and how much to eat

Knowing how to fuel your body is what will energize you for practices and games.    The three main objectives of PRE-EXERCISE fueling are: HYDRATE: Ensure that you are optimally hydrated. DON’T WAIT FOR GAME DAY TO START FUELING: Muscles rely on fuel (nutrients) stored from meals eaten earlier in the day (for an evening game) or the night before (for a morning game). NEVER START A GAME HUNGRY: The “right” foods eaten before...

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Goal Setting

Goal setting is similar to choosing a destination on a map.  If you don’t know where you are heading any road will do. You need team goals (to be set with your team) as well as individual goals. You need individual short term (process) goals and long term (outcome) goals.  Set long term goals but focus on the short term (process) goals because these are the ones you can control. How to set...

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