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Goal Setting
Goal Setting

Goal setting is similar to choosing a destination on a map.  If you don’t know where you are heading any road will do. You need team goals (to be set with your team) as well as individual goals. You need individual short term (process) goals and long term (outcome) goals.  Set long term goals but focus on the short term (process) goals because these are the ones you can control.

How to set individual process goals?
As an athlete, you must first ask yourself, “Why do you play hockey?”.  Is it for fun, to keep fit, to socialize with your friends, to play university hockey, to play for team Canada?  This answer will help you set your personal goals. 

To reach your full potential you will have to focus your attention on the following 4 areas:

Skill Development (shooting, skating, passing, etc.)
Conditioning (strength, agility, flexibility, cardio, etc.)
Mental Training (focus, distraction control, confidence, etc)
Lifestyle (nutrition, sleep, time management, etc.)

If you neglect  any one of these areas you will NOT be able to reach your full potential. How good is a four legged stool if you removed one of its legs?

STEP 1:  In each area identity your baseline - what are you doing   well and where you could improve.
STEP 2:  Set one or two goals per area.
STEP 3:  a) Set goals that are challenging yet realistic. 
               b) Identify strategies to help you reach your goals
STEP 4:  Set monthly check in times to monitor how you are   progressing and adjust your goals accordingly.


Outcome goal: You “cannot” control
Winning a game
Scoring a goal

Process goal: You “can” control

Goal: Increase my speed
Strategy: Work on my stride during practice

Goal: Improve my focus
Strategy: Identify my distractions and develop key words to help refocus

Goal: Reduce my risk of injury
Strategy: Stretch after every practice and game

Goal: Have more energy
Strategy: Replace the junk food before a game with fruit.Set goals according to your own personal baseline


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